Adobe what are you thinking?

Producer friend rang me in desperate need of a favour. Finish off a job for a client due tonight. Premiere Pro. Normally I’d say no but this is a good friend who has helped me out in the past.
So in I went thinking “maybe it won’t be as bad as I’m thinking.”

WRONG. It’s like those bad Chinese knock offs that try to cash in on something popular but miss out on what actually made it popular to start with.

Yes it behaves in a similar way to FCP7 and it’s certainly easy to come to grips with quickly. But it is seriously like jumping from a nice sports car to a truck. Function over form.

Keyboard Shortcut interfaces compared:

fcpxkeysAdobe just can’t help themselves. The engineers must always overrule the user interface dept. (or maybe they don’t have a user interface department)
FCPX is by no means perfect and still has a long way to go to make me truly happy with it, but by god it’s a hell of a distance down the road compared to this clunky ugly muddled mess of a program.