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Origin Energy

Employees_View_of_Origin_v2Have been heavily involved with Origin Energy’s strategy for training in their customer contact centres.

Rebekah O’Flaherty Intro    Employee's_view_of_Sales_v1

This also involved directing and filming real life scenarios to help staff empathise with what their customers are experiencing.


The Graduates


This observational documentary follows the lives of 3 very different students as the worked hard to overcome adversary.

It was inspirational to see what these three have achieved at Victoria University with hard work and dedication.

The Recruit

therecruitFOX 8’s new reality based show. Where young hopefully vie for the chance of winning an AFL Contract. AFL-The-RecruitThough hard work struggling to comes to grips with a brand new format, once we got there we had a show that would become one of the success stories of 2014