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Brothers’ Nest

This blacker than black comedy is some of the most fun I’ve had in my career working as an editor.
So satisfying. Once again teaming up with my great friend Clayton Jacobson we were able to mould a riveting story with razor sharp edges into existence.

All editing done collaboratively in Final Cut Pro X. It really showed the power of this amazing NLE.

Within 24 hours of filming I had rough cuts done and all timecode rushes up on (another amazing tool for film makers) so crew could view them on their phones on location.

This was thanks to two wonderful helper apps.

Shot Notes X and Sync and Link




Thinking it would be highly decisive film we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reactions it has received thus far. Can’t wait for June 21st!

KENNY The Movie

Calendar_Jan_08Who would have thought that this little film that started life as an experimental hobby would become one of the highest grossing Australian made films for 2006! A tribute to the professionalism and genius of both the Jacobson brothers.  I kept telling Clayton that the film was going to be a smash hit but he wouldn’t believe me. Well I’m happy to be able to say “I told you so!”  We had an absolute blast making KENNY and I’m sure the next project we work on together will be just as much fun.

The Crew Sitting