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Million Dollar Cold Case

When Channel 7 approached me to set up this post production facility for to create 4 investigative crime shows. They didn’t have a lot of money. So that ruled out Avid and ISIS.

The style of the show was to be interviews all shot green screen with high end recreations and old news archive. I knew all of this could be achieved with Final Cut Pro X.

Using the Lumaforge Jellyfish we were able to set up :

An Assistant station managing all media and allocating projects to editors and producers.

Two dedicated edit stations, each working on their own case files.

4 Producer stations where story producers could go through interviews and even construct storylines.

The Lumaforge Jellyfish handled all this with no problems.
It was such a success we made the news at ProVideo Coalition.

The series was two 90 minute and two 60 minute episodes with 3 and 2 case files respectively.
It rated extremely well and more importantly lead to the conviction of a killer.