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8K Radius

There is a reason why some cinemas are bucking the trend.
Classic cinema’s in Elsternwick Victoria and the local council combined to make these short films showcasing some of the interesting locals that live within an 8K Radius of the cinema.



Beautifully shot by Peter Falk and directed by my best friend Clayton Jacobson, this was the perfect opportunity for me to come to grips with Final Cut Pro X. The love affair is still alive today.

Mordy Koots

The worlds first “M O G I E”

(Movie over Game Integrated Entertainment)

Combining our two loves. Movie Making and Gaming.

GreenScreenAll shot on green screen and integrated with the video game Blazing Angels this was an absolute hoot to put together. Some great comic moments!

Police Under Fire

This Doco/Drama was about 3 of the biggest police shootings in Victoria’s history. Beautifully shot and directed making the edit a real joy. Though did bring back some chilling feelings from my time working in the News Room at the ABC.


KENNY The Movie

Calendar_Jan_08Who would have thought that this little film that started life as an experimental hobby would become one of the highest grossing Australian made films for 2006! A tribute to the professionalism and genius of both the Jacobson brothers.  I kept telling Clayton that the film was going to be a smash hit but he wouldn’t believe me. Well I’m happy to be able to say “I told you so!”  We had an absolute blast making KENNY and I’m sure the next project we work on together will be just as much fun.

The Crew Sitting



The Amazing Race Asia

ep13-pix69Creating a version of the successful American TV Reality show with about a 10th of the budget. Sure! No worries!

mr3-1But what a wild ride! I actually think this was a great series. So much better than the original and I couldn’t help but engage with the main characters. Couldn’t have been pulled off without an amazing team featuring Arial White and Andrew Narozny and the whole ActiveTV Team.

If fact I had so much fun I decided to do the beginning of the next series before jetting off to do Kenny’s World.


My first real foray into a major documentary series.

Thanks so much to Phillip Chubb for having the faith in me.

I guess a string of awards including a Logie showed that we had a great team on this important piece of Australian History.
This was the first job I cut on a computer based non-linear editor. And it was something that would change my life forever.
Sean AVID 1992