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Outback Brothers

With extra funding secured we were now able to make the show Outback Paramedic was always meant to be.

This 6 part half hour series showcases the Falzon family and their efforts to live and educate people about sustainability in one of the most hostile places in Australia.

Working as director, camera and of course editor this is some of the work of which I am most proud.
It’s good to work on things that can help make a difference.

The Recruit Series 2


The Recruit Series II

After the massive success of the first series Foxtel are bring back everyone’s favourite AFL Reality show.

This time with a new contentious coach Mick Malthouse.

Love him or hate him you can’t deny he has score on the board.
Technically  the show went up a notch this year with some of the most stunning footage you’ll ever see in a sports show.

Great fun to work on with a great crew.

The Hot Plate

With work almost totally drying up in Melbourne it was time to head to Sydney to work with old friends on Channel 9’s new IP.


Standard cooking fare but with a little bit of a reno twist.


The Recruit

therecruitFOX 8’s new reality based show. Where young hopefully vie for the chance of winning an AFL Contract. AFL-The-RecruitThough hard work struggling to comes to grips with a brand new format, once we got there we had a show that would become one of the success stories of 2014


The Amazing Race Asia

ep13-pix69Creating a version of the successful American TV Reality show with about a 10th of the budget. Sure! No worries!

mr3-1But what a wild ride! I actually think this was a great series. So much better than the original and I couldn’t help but engage with the main characters. Couldn’t have been pulled off without an amazing team featuring Arial White and Andrew Narozny and the whole ActiveTV Team.

If fact I had so much fun I decided to do the beginning of the next series before jetting off to do Kenny’s World.