I would say almost half of the broadcast media I’ve produced over the last few years has come from my own facilty.



I’m a huge fan of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. It simply is the most powerful, easy to use non-linear editor I’ve used since they were invented. (Remembering I started on AVID in 1991)

Sean AVID 1992Editing Labor in Power 1992

But times have changes since then and to keep up with the rigours of today’s media you need something that is in step. FCPX certainly is that for me.


What I love about it is that is just gets out of my way when all I want to do is tell the story with cutting. (the way it should be). But when I need it all the power of the most sophisticated editing/effects tools are there at my fingertips.


So talk to me about finishing your next project at my facility.

You can’t beat the price and and I guarantee it will be completed faster than anywhere else you could go.


Editor – Producer – Shooter